LIVE ZOOM CREATIVE WORKSHOP: Janien Prummel (November 9th, 8PM CET)


Janien Prummel is a mixed media artist, living in Antwerp (Belgium).
She collects materials with a history, with a story and uses those to make collages.
She transforms them into new images, new stories with a new meaning.
She inheritated the love for fabrics and threads through her mother.
Janien uses a lot of embroidery in her work and is inspired by the art of Louise Bourgeois.

In her workshop she will introduce us to her way of working and help us to create our own layered artworks with paper, cardboard, fabrics and thread.

WHEN: November 9th 2022, 8PM CET – you will receive the zoom link to this event a few days in advance.

This workshop will be hosted in English, but can be translated live in Dutch if needed. The workshop will last approx. about 1 hour.